My Son- Food Lover and Wonderfully Creative Cook!

Stevie loves to cook! Who knows how much a child observes a mother, who loves to cook, to becomes a cook, himself? Or if watching mom in the kitchen was even the reason he fell in love with the creative process of cooking? Well, Stevie loves to cook and bake! I may have already written about his first loaves of bread that came out of the oven perfect, the very first time! “Mom, just tell me what to do.” That was one conversation on the phone. He even went to culinary school for a semester (carpentry is his first love, so culinary became an avocation) where he soon became lead bread baker for the school’s cafe. Keep in mind this was a kid who thought school lunch was wonderful when he was young. He was a favorite of the school cooks, I can tell you! “That was the best lunch, ever”. He’d say on a daily basis. I imagined they thought I gave him “Spagettios” at home, or some other canned stuff. So the first loaves of his fabulous bread turned turned into years of inspiring loaves.

His loaves make people happy, They are simple, tasty, aromatic, and wonderfully satisfying plain, slathered in butter, or with jam. The next day, Stevie’s loaves make the best French toast.

I went to visit our son; and his girlfriend, Paige. He made his newly found favorite, meat and vegetable pie! It wasn’t even Christmas! He would have made Charles Dickens’ character, Mrs. Joe Gargery, proud. Anyway, Stevie made a two-pie crust. Meanwhile, on the stove, he combined ground beef (a quicker version), onions, mixed vegetables, seasonings, and dark oatmeal stout. He simmered it until thickened, and set it aside while he finished the pie crust. When the crust was ready, he poured in the “stew” and topped it off with the other crust. He sealed the crusts, and popped it into a very hot oven for about 40 minutes.

We ate the meat pie heartily, and chased it with more oatmeal stout!

Here’s the happy couple!

I wonder if he’ll make his own wedding cake…hint…hint!

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