Time With Friends

I’ve had a very close knit group of friends in this past 25 years. As we’ve aged together, some of us have moved away and some of us have interests in children and grandchildren that live elsewhere, so that takes us away quite a bit. Some of us have aging parents who need attention, so that requires lots of travel that takes time away from the group, too. Phil and Paula moved about 212 miles (341 km), so we are passing a weekend with them. That means eating out and trying new restaurants!

We ate at a small chain Italian cafe. I ordered a burrata. Burrata is fresh mozzarella wrapped around cream and shreds of cheese make from water buffalo milk. The lovely, little pillow of burrata sat plated near a bed of arugula and wood-fired flat bread make from pizza crust dough. Cherry tomatoes gave the plate a cheery look, and a balsamic reduction brought all the flavors together.

The flavors married well, and The joy shone on my face. Since it was lunch, I enjoyed blood orange San Pellegrino as my beverage.

After some vigorous shopping, we went to sample some artisan ice cream. “Churn and Burn” is a coffee and ice cream place. I chose cranberry walnut as one scoop and the other scoop was lavender. Wow!

They make the ice cream and coffee with the use of liquid nitrogen for a quick production. The creamy ingredients go into the bowl, and while the beaters are churning liquid nitrogen is infused, and ice cream or a delicious frozen coffee beverage comes alive!

I love the creativity of small batch restaurants and specialty food shops. I love the passion of the proprietors, as well.

Thank you for reading.

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