Women in Worship and Fellowship

Did you know that there is not a gender neutral or gender opposite of the word, “fellowship”?

Anyway, I have, long, been wanting to develop and execute a women’s retreat.  The idea is that women  would gather on a Friday evening to begin and, perhaps, end on a Sunday.  The goal would be loving support of one another, providing a space for creativity, meditation, worship, and “fellowship”.   Here’s a possible agenda.  Let me know if it’s too restrictive or academic.  Would you participate in such a retreat?  Make suggestions on the topics.  These are not “set in stone”.

“Women in Worship and Fellowship”

Ladies’ Retreat

Purpose: We retreat to strengthen emotional bonding, spiritual growth, and sisterly support while promoting understanding of human ecological systems that influence who we become.


Friday –

6:30 p.m. – 10-ish:

  1. Bring a snack to share for a light meal
  2. Introduction to Ladies’ Retreat: Why? Objective, and Intended Outcomes
  3. “Getting to Know You” exercise
  4. Group nature walk
  5. Stretching
  6. Bedtime stories – and lights out

Saturday –

7:30 Morning Prayer to Welcome the Day

8:30 – Breakfast Smoothie and Breakfast Cookie Demonstration by Debra Bolton

Let’s eat the outcomes of the demonstration!

9:45 – Stretching 10 minutes

10:00 – Let’s take a nature walk to learn about:





Other flora and fauna

Noon – Sandwich and Salad Luncheon

1:30 Nap or MeditationTime

2:45 Aroma Therapy and Foot Reflexology

3:45 Free time to explore, write, visit, or anything…

6:00 Dinner time

7:30 Story time, Chants, Music, Bonfire

10-ish – Bedtime

Sunday –

8:30 Breakfast

9:30 – Worship time (to be planned)

Noon – ??? (go home?)

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