I am excited about beginning my own blog place.  In this blog, I plan to explore all things surrounding the human experience.  It is my hope that I can engage family, friends, and colleagues to provide “guest” posts as well.

If you note in my profile, I am a human ecologist and geographer.  I work in Cooperative Extension at Kansas State University.  I am hoping that my messages go beyond the walls of academia and out into the world so that we may engage in discussions around people, foods, travel, traditions, and social justice.  Yes.  It’s wide ranging, but I have a lot of interests in literature, movies, music, the arts, and I love people from many backgrounds.

I live in a region of Kansas (Southwest) marked by four counties, which are Minority-majority.  I am happily engaged with refugees and other immigrants who represent, approximately, 9 African, six Asian, 3 Caribbean, Canadian, and 12 Meso, Central, and South American countries.  At any given time, I can eat a variety of Asian, Latinx, and African Foods.


This blog will will about my experiences as a researcher, community member, and someone who is quite interested in the people in this world.

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